365 pictures of me!

As many people did at the start of the new year, I began a 365 project where I take a portrait of myself for 365 days.  I started on the 3rd of January, so my numbers do not coordinate specifically with the days of the year, but I wanted to share my progress so far and a few of my reject portraits.

These are from January 3 – 6

1 / 365

2 / 365

3 / 365

4 / 365

And these are my rejects from those days:

My neck.JPG

blurry me.JPG

Self Portrait 1-3-08 2.JPG

So far it’s been a very fun experience, and I think it will turn into an enlightening one.  I am still getting used to taking a picture of myself everyday, so that’s really what I’m working on first.  I meant to begin on the 1st of the year, and completely forgot.

I’m havnig fun with this new project- and I will not be calling it a resolution.  I hope to make progress on it by the end of the year, creatively.


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