Cable me this!

size 10 swatch

Attention:  This is a gauge swatch.  I have officially begun working on my first sweater! 

I am quite excited about this project.  When I went to Rhinebeck (which was on Ben’s birthday)  I bought him- for his birthday- a bag of yarn.  And the promise that the yarn would turn into a sweater was his other present.  (I have to stretch it out so it doesn’t sound so lacking as it might seem to a man who doesn’t like knitting, but who does like sweaters).  The only stipulation was that I wouldn’t start his sweater until after Christmas and it’s after Christmas, so I’m starting it!

The wool is Reynolds Lopi, and the pattern is Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan.  Gorgeous, Gorgeous!  The swatch pictured above is on #10 needles, but I am going to also swatch it up on #8s to see what happens.  I think that might be too closely knit and too warm.  Right now the yarn is scratchy, but I think after a good soak it will be ok.  I’m pleased with how it is coming out so far.  I can’t wait to start on the actual sweater!


2 thoughts on “Cable me this!

  1. He’s a fiance. I have been cleared. And- he is fully aware of how much he must appreciate and wear this sweater to get other knitted items!

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