Just around the river bend!

river scarf 1

 This is the final knitted Christmas gift: a scarf for my friend, Becca. I’m totally in love with this scarf.  I want to knit myself one this very second.  It was really fun to knit and I think Becca will really like it!

river scarf 2

Here is a better close up of the pattern. It was knit from side to side on 17s so it knit up super fast.


river scarf 5

Here it is in action.  I love how it bends left and right. 

river scarf close up

And here is a close up.  It’s two different colors of the same yarn I bought at Michaels a few years ago.  I remember that it’s alapaca, but I don’t have any other information.  It’s a blue color and a teal color with this brown mixed in.  I’ve been planning on using them together for sometime now, but didn’t find the right project for it until now.  I am planning on posting the pattern in the next few days.

In sweater news- I went to buy needles for the saddle shoulder aran I’m making for Ben and realized that eventhough I want to knit the sweater on 10s I swatched on 10 1/2s.  Silly me!  So, tonight I will reswatch.  I definitely don’t liket he size 8 swatch I did, so I think I’ll just rip that one out and re knit it on 10s.  I did buy 32″ Addi Turbos which I didn’t even realize Windsor Button had!   Also it was a very hard trip for me because they have Rowan Polar at 20% off.  I’m moving and therefore not allowed to buy yarn or anything else you have to pack, but if you’re in Boston you should stop by and hit the 20% bin!  I wish I hadn’t seen it.


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