Adorable Baby Hat!

My friend had a baby!  So I made the baby (girl) a hat!!  It’s Miss Dashwood from Knitty Winter 2004.  I can’t handle how well it turned out.  Looking through all of the possible baby knits- it made me want some kids myself!  Which means that I will no longer be looking at things to knit for children.  Since the project has to be mail delivered Beary and I had a little photo shoot before sending it off.

Miss Dalloway 1

This is a shot full on.  I used Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton.  I know I could have gone pink, but I think that she’ll have enough pink things to wear and this will still coordinate with any outfit!

Miss Dalloway 2

This is an earflap shot.  I just knit a single stitch to for the cords.  I didn’t even twist my stitches on it!

Miss Dalloway 4

The underside is nice looking also.  With all the purls.  The edge was a picot cast on.  It was a lot of fun, and I loved working on the bobbles!

Miss Dalloway 5

A better view of the edge.  Beary is getting a little tired of the shoot at this point.  He’s thinking about all the other things he could be doing.

Miss Dalloway 6

Here’s a not on a bear shot– still quite cute!

Miss Dalloway 3

I would definitely recomend this pattern for all those babies out there.  It was quick, cute, and fun!


4 thoughts on “Adorable Baby Hat!

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  2. I am trying to knit this hat and I am having major problems. Could you email me. I am at the bobble border on round 3. instead of 162 stitches, I am ending up with 405! The way I am reading the pattern, it looks like K2 and then 3 increases in the stitch. where am I going wrong?!

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