Chrismas Wrap Up

I have been awful about putting pictures up of the finished Chrismas gift with the respective recipient.  Luckily, it being February, I have finally gotten pictures of almost everyone and their gifts!

dad with afghan2
My dad with his afghan/ lap blanket. During the night before my parents arrived I lay in bed and furiously sewed the panels together, but alas- I sewed one of the cables on upside down! OOPS! My dad wouldn’t let me fix it after I gifted it to him. I also believe this is a staged picture because my dad told me that he hasn’t been using the afghan– because it’s too special. How nice is that? Well- he’s getting another afghan next year (this time full size) so- he better use it!

Mom in cowl
Here’s my mom wearing her cowl. She looks so cozy in it, I might need to knit myself one. No word on whether she’s been wearing it or not, but she definitely still wears the scarf I made her from my first scarf attempt, so I think this cowl will get a lot of wear!

Liz Urchin 2
This is Liz in her Urchin beret. This picture was actually taken directly after she opened it. Actually, I haven’t seen her outside without it since. She took it to Israel, and actually wore it because it was unseasonably cold in Israel. How odd, right? But I’m very glad she likes it!

I’ll post the rest later this week- Have a happy Super Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to go vote!!


2 thoughts on “Chrismas Wrap Up

  1. Nice job on the afghan! I kind of lost my motivation to make one, possibly because I gave in and bought a throw. My living room is really cold and I knew it would take me the entire winter to make one!

  2. Cute beret! I want one! That’s what you can make me for Christmas next year:) We forgot to take a picture of me in my fingerless mitts while I was there, but maybe you can take a picture when you come down here. I wear them all the time!

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