NYC weekend

This weekend we went to NYC/ New Jersey to visit a bunch of friends! It was super fun. I knit on the bus on the way there and the way back- working on my wedding shrug. It was a fantastic weekend.

I love the NY Times building. It’s one of my favorite buildings in NYC.
Ny Times Building

Gray’s Papaya obviously thinks we’re in a recession:
Grays Papaya

These are my new shoes that I bought just for the trip! Too cute! The bag is all I brougth with me. It had all the clothes, toiletries, and yarn I needed for the weekend. Crazy!
NYC sights

And here’s one sleeve of my Wedding shrug! Too cute, right? I’m quite excited about it. I even wrote things down as I did one side, so hopefully the next side will a. look the same and b. go smoothly! Perfect bus knitting also. You can also see the necklace Ben bought me for Valentine’s Day in this shot. It’s quite pretty.
Wedding Shrug Sleeve

I obviously didn’t take pictures when I was with people we were visiting. I have to get better about that.


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