Yarny road trip!

Last weekend Jessie came up and we had the best time! We went to the most fantastic yarn destination ever! And eventhough it was raining- we had the best time!!



SO, here’s the akward picture I took of us leaving my apartment.
embarking 2.JPG

It was only a couple hour drive, and then we were in knitters heaven!!

pretty yarn.JPG

More pretty yarn.JPG

We like to cuddle the yarn before we buy it-
Jessie loves yarn.JPG

And then we went to Tibetan food which was soo good! We had dumplings, lentil soup, and steamed bread. Northampton was a super cute town, and if it wasn’t pouring- we totally would have hung out all day there!
Tibetan food-- yum!.JPG

And walking into webs we totally ran into Adrian and Jess from Ravelry!! How funny!

It’s a small small knitting world!
I’ll have to post what I bought- I didn’t buy that much. It was quite overwhelming!

One thought on “Yarny road trip!

  1. Mmmm.. I was thinking about those dumplings today! I’m still a little sad that you didn’t get yak sausage.

    I love that photo of the Berkshire yarn – the colors are so saturated!

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