Another of Ben’s favorites

So – Apparently all I have to do in life to keep my fiance happy is to make what I would think of as favorite foods of 4 year olds.  I made Ben french fries a few weeks ago, and it has become the side dish he requests most often.  That and rice pilaf that comes out of the box or macaroni and cheese.  (no- he’s not actually 4, don’t worry)

So here’s what is apparently the secret to any man’s heart:


potatoes start

I start by cutting my potatoes just like this- in half and then into slices.  Not too thin-

potatoes first cut

After slicing them I turn them to begin slicing in the other direction.  I find having the pan you’re going to be using already with some olive oil standing by is a good idea.  Then, you don’t have to worry about having a “stand by” area for your cut potatoes. 

potatoes ready to be fries

These are ready for the pan!

ready to go

So- I just throw them in the pan.  Add some sea salt and some olive oil…

Get coated

And then warm them up- cooked until they are slightly tender and completely coated in the olive oil/ salt.

place on baking sheet

Then just empty out everything onto a cookie sheet.  Put it into the oven at 400 for about 45 minutes or until crispy.


Just like this!  Yum!

the plate

And I try to serve a balanced meal…  These french frieds are quite tasty, do not come out of a bag, and aren’t that bad for you!  ENJOY!

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