Putting it all together

oat nw3.JPG

So, I haven’t been knitting much. And what I have been knitting is the sweater for Ben and that’s not very fun to photograph. I have totally been planning a ton of projects and then not following through on any of them. GO ME! Also, I’ve been spending my free evening time making wedding invitations! YAY! And going to the gym! It’s about 9 weeks until my wedding- I have to get into shape! Not only for the wedding, but for the fabulous Hawaiian vacation that follows it!  There will be kayaking and hiking and swimming and bikinis!  So, I obviously need to find my abs and get into bikini shape!

 I have updated my etsy shop with ONE knitted item.  I know that it’s spring now, but in Boston it’s still chilly.  My goal for this winter was to update with all new stuff.  That, obviously, has not happened.  So, I have a new goal for this summer!


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