I want to be a cat


I want to lounge around in bed all day and be happy about a sunspot.

 This is my parents’ cat- Pretty Girl.  It was formerly my grandmother’s cat.  She’s really sweet and very cute.  She’s also a little vicious.  I feel like I can totally relate to that.


I have been working on the invitations, trying to stick to my exercise and diet regime, and trying to relax about this whole wedding thing. None of the above are turning out to be very easy.

oat nw close.JPG

I’ve also been working to update my etsy shop. Unfortunately it always seems to fall into the category of “don’t have to do it right now”. I did put this neckwarmer into it last week. I really like it- I’m in the process of knitting a bunch of small things to sell. I also really like this new alchemy feature on etsy. If you’re not familiar with it- it’s a super cool feature that lets you request whatever your heart desires and put up a price, and then crafters can go through and bid on your request. I looked through like 30 last night- the trick is finding something you’d be really good at and bidding on it.

OOH! in wedding news- you can see the suit we bought Ben for the wedding over at our wedding blog! We’re very excited about it!


2 thoughts on “I want to be a cat

  1. i want to be a cat too. i already have some feline tendencies. i like to be pet and scratched. i like to play with string and shiny things. i eat primarily meat and i like to sit and look out windows.

  2. Pretty Girl is very pretty. She’s found a good sunspot, too.

    Even though I have a Dan, I still want a cat. Or to be one. I’ll take either.

    You can do it!! yay wedding!

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