Fling me into Spring

spring berries

Spring has officially started, though today was the first day that really felt like Spring in Boston. It’s 70 degrees out, and I am stuck at work, of course. At least I can gaze at thie picture and remind myself that somewhere it’s Spring. Actually, that somewhere is NJ. People always tell me that Boston is like 2 weeks behind NJ in all season related matters, and heading down to Jersey last weekend- I would have to say that they are right. It was beautiful there! And they had green grass! WE DON’T HAVE GREEN GRASS YET!!

I’m so tired of it being cold.

So, this weekend we went to visit my mom’s horse and his horsey friend, Jinxy. They are quite sweet.

And even Ben was helping! It was pretty fun teaching him how to brush the horse, and then my mom and I taught him how to clean out a horse’s hoof! That was exciting for Ben!
ben brushes

It was nice to be able to be outside for an extended period of time without a coat!  Oh Spring- please come to Massachusetts and stay here! 


2 thoughts on “Fling me into Spring

  1. I too was in NJ last weekend, and the first thing I noticed was how green the grass was! But maybe I’m just not used to seeing grass, living in a city and all.

  2. You could the fall two weeks early – we get the spring two weeks early – it’s only fair!

    it’s 67 degrees and sunny here today – just beautiful. I want to go to the park!

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