Fly me to the moon


This past weekend marked the year anniversary of our trip to Paris.  Well, when we got home from Paris.  It’s pretty surreal to think about that trip being a year ago.  I only recently uploaded a few pictures from it to Flickr. 


And the sad thing is a bunch of my pictures are of things that I’ve forgotten. I’m sure I have a picture of the house VanGogh lived in, but I have pictures of a lot of houses! A lot of monuments! A lot of people! It’s great fun to go through all of the pictures, but when I go to Hawaii I must be more diligent about labeling my pictures!

I took a little blog break these past two weeks. I have been updating my other two blogs, but I haven’t been crafting much, so I haven’t been blogging too much. My wedding is less than six weeks away – which feels like tomorrow and forever at the same time. I still have a to-do list that makes me incredibly nervous, and I have a lot of fun stuff coming up that I can’t wait to happen!

I started my bridesmaids’ gifts this past weekend, but they are not bloggable- Don’t worry- after the event I’ll post pictures!

My studio still isn’t set up completely, my cat has spring fever which is adorable, and we’ve invited 42 more people than my wedding venue can accommodate.

That’s pretty much my life. But remember how serene it was a year ago?



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