It’s baseball season in Boston

and you know what that means….

 Boston view

FENWAY! People are crazy around here- I mean, I lived outside of Philadelphia for most of my life, and then near NYC for the rest of it, and Boston is crazy. People CARE about baseball- and not in that Philadelphia way in which we really care if our team’s winning and love to slam them for losing when they inevitability do. I mean, people in Boston waited SO LONG to win a world series and they stuck with them. Sure, they would say they stunk when they did, but every season would bring new hope that this might be the season. It’s nice.

Original Jersey!

This is the team’s original jersey. How cool is that! Look at those laces! And – look at the amazing framing!

1909 Jersey

This is the 1909 jersey- how cute is that sock?!

Ben and I sat in the new Coca Cola seats- this was our view of the field:

I haven’t been crafting much. I mean, I’ve been working on Ben’s sweater slowly, and some other things that I can’t blog about yet! I have a ton of wedding things left to do! It’s a month from today! EEK!


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