Grooms Gift…

I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with a groom’s gift.  I mean- I’m not sure if Ben would wear a pocket watch.  Cufflinks are out- Ben doesn’t own any shirts with french cuffs and he has two pairs of cuff links!  I want to get him something handmade- maybe paint him something, but I am seriously running out of time (2 weeks tomorrow- augh!)  And who decided that the bride should buy the groom something before the wedding- and where does Ben get off having his gift figured out like- 6 MONTHS ago!  He is not a planner- except when he is I guess.

So I need an opinion anyway – Do we like this?


They are sterling silver collar stays from Chrisparry on Etsy (click on the picture for the link), and you can have them imprinted with a message.  Sweet- right?  And Yes, Ben does use collar stays religeously.  I just worry about him losing them or they being entirely too practical.  Thoughts?

There’s also this, a little less pricey:

Customize Your Fathers Day Golf Ball Marker

Yes, that is a personalized ball marker.  I’m not sure what I would have it say–it’s by Autumn Leaves Jewelry on Etsy.  Ben would really like that- I could have it engraved “jerk face”.  That’s my little nickname for him- or “sweetie”.  Or- hmm.. this is tough. 

What do you guys think?

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