Ok- so no one told me that a knitting store opened up in Mt. Holly!!  I had no idea!  My parents and Ben and I were driving around a couple weekends ago and I saw it! Actually I didn’t just see it!  I totally freaked out about it, but it wasn’t the right time.  Luckily this weekend, my mom wanted to get mani pedis (which aws fabulous in itself, but the place we go to happens to be down the street from the yarn shop) and we went to the yarn shop after!!  I met the owners and had a fabulous time chattin’ it up!  They even tried to look up fibery things in Hawaii to do!!  I bought the most amazing yarn–

New Wool!

This yarn is from the sheep that one of the owner owns (She keeps them out near fort Dix!) and they send the wool to Philly to be spun and then they hand dye it at the shop!  Both of my yarn purchases are from their sheep!  They are both inappropriate summer choices, but HOW COULD I NOT GET THEM!  SO PRETTY!!

The store is Woolbearers on the corn of High St and Garden St in Mt. Holly.  If anyone is in the South Jersey area- you should REALLY go check it out!  What a great way to spend the afternoon!  Now I just have to get my mom to knit so she won’t get so antsy in the yarn store!  Sorry about the lack of pictures- my camera decided not to come with me to NJ. 

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Or just- a great weekend if you’re not from the states!


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