The purse dilemma

So- I have finished my wedding shrug!  (Actually I finished it like two weeks ago, but I can’t find my camera!)  So- pictures are coming!  That same weekend I began a purse from the same yarn as the shrug!  Very cute, no?  It’s the wedding purse from Vogue Knitting Spring 2008.

 Wedding purse 3'

I love it- it’s darling, and the purse is almost done! I made it a little smaller than suggested because I am not planning on having people “stuff checks into it” as the pattern suggested. But- I CAN’T FIND THE CLASP! The one in the picture doesn’t exist!  I’ve been to everywhere I can think of online, and to all of the places who might sell it near my work, and I just can’t seem to find them!  Does anyone know where to find these enchanting but elusive purse frames?  I’m going to have to come up with a back up plan pretty soon!



2 thoughts on “The purse dilemma

  1. Hi – I am an etsy seller and stock a large number of purse frames. I don’t stock the one in the pic, but I am sure it can be found and am very happy to source other frames at no extra cost (and no minimum purchase required). Best of all I offer very reasonable prices and free shipping worldwide. Come and have a look at Meowcraft!

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