I’m sketchy

On Tuesday Ben had this thing at BU (he’s starting grad school in the fall!!), and I didn’t really have time to do anything big, and the museums don’t stay open late on Tuesday, so I dawdled, browsed Brookline Booksmith, and went and sat in Peets to sketch and drink a jasmine lime cooler.  It was nice- I haven’t had a free couple of hours to just sketch in a long time.  I think it shows!! 

unfinished girl and ocean sketch

I’m not in love with this one. I think the perspective is off for the rocks and the shoreline. I like the idea- I mean, I guess that’s why it’s a sketch. It definitely has the possibility of becoming a painting, but I don’t love it as is. I love how looking at a sketch makes me remember what I was hearing while doing it. Like- During this sketch I was listening to these two people talk. They were cousins, one had just gotten married, and they were both teachers. Then someone came in who one of them knew who was also a teacher, or retired teacher and started reciting the periodic table of elements in Hebrew! I wonder if I’ll always thinking of that when I look at this picture… It’s like when I’m listening to NPR in the car- the next time I drive by the place I hear the story I think of the story again. ANYWAY

tree and girl sketch

This sketch I do like. I want to run right home and paint this idea. A girl and a little robin meet in a field. A barren landscape- I might have to jazz it up.

We’re REALLY setting up my studio this weekend! I’M SO EXCITED!!


5 thoughts on “I’m sketchy

  1. I like the girl and the bird too. You don’t have to “jazz it up” though…I rather prefer to think of it as “bluesy” already.

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