Getting it all together

I’ve been saying that I am going to set up my studio since February. February was 5 months ago! Well- it’s happened. We got back from the wedding, spent the first weekend cleaning the rest of the apartment, and spent this whole past weekend cleaning up my studio!!

full studio shot.JPG
This is a full shot of the studio- that’s my cheap, but cute, red rug from Ikea which will have paint all over it by this time next week probably. The cards on it are my thank you cards which I printed up last night. Or stamped up really- I picked up those chairs on the side of the road and have plans to fix the backs. They’re really cute!

inspiration string.JPG
This is my inspiration wire. In our last apartment I had a little inspiration board, but it got filled so quickly with pictures of friends and post cards that it wasn’t really good as an inspiration board, so I decided that this A frame ceiling would be perfect for this string- Right now it has things that I had lying around that were inspirational. I think I’m going to try to change it up every 2 weeks or so.

This is our awesome new photo printer that was supposed to be free with our camera, but in moving we lost the rebate, so it’s our reasonably priced photo printer. I haven’t actually used it yet- but it’s out of the box!!

yarn stash.JPG
This is my incredibly organized yarn/ fabric stash! Everything is sorted by fiber content. Click on the link to my flickr page to see what each container is. I’m really excited about this because I always end up with the same 5 yarns on top of my stash- and they’re never yarns that I want to knit with! Oh- and Ben didn’t freak out so much while going through my stash! And I explained to him why I need a core stash and why I still need to go to Rhinebeck and buy more yarn. He’s took it really well, though it might just be the realization that he’s married to a yarn hoarder, and he can’t get out of it now. Either way- it seems very healthy!

 butcher block table.JPG
This is my work table right now- It’s a butcher block table from Ikea that was repurposed from our last kitchen because we didn’t have any place for it in the current apartment. It’s awesome- it really is. It has so much storage and the drawers are great for stuff that I need at a moment’s notice. Right now it’s still a little cluttered.

chemical shelf.JPG
BEN built this shelf for me! And now he calls it my poison shelf. It’s great for holding larger bottles and things that just don’t fit on my lower set of shelves! I’m thinking about getting another to put on the other side of the window just for painting supplies.

I can’t wait to really get into the throws of it!


2 thoughts on “Getting it all together

  1. 1. YOU lost the rebate- not WE
    2. Why hasn’t there been more excitement that I built you a shelf- or more concern that you have chosen to use my handiwork for poison!

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