Trudging through July

I’ve been working away on my February Lady Sweater. I absolutely LOVE how it’s coming, and I can’t wait to wear it! It’s actually been cooler in Boston the past couple of days, and it would have been a great cozy sweater to wear in the evening.

progress of FLS 7-25-08

The lace pattern has been really easy to put down and pick back up again, and after a few snafoos and some frogging it’s really fun!  I’m so ready to wear it, though!  Luckily it’s going to get hot again- or is right now I guess, so it won’t be so bad.

In other yarn news- I won a drawing on Tiennie Knits blog! I received the most wonderful gift of yarn! It’s Socks that Rock, Colorway: The Incredible Shrinking Violet. It’s so gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can’t wait to knit it up into something beautiful!

atr tisv label.JPG

str tisv2.JPG

(I know that that’s a weird picture, but it’s the best color correct picture I took, so there you go.  Thank you night stand lamp for being there for me.)


I’m hoping to have some exciting non-knitting work to show you this weekend!


3 thoughts on “Trudging through July

  1. Oh what a gorgeous sweater!! I especially love that you’re knitting it up in yellow yarn…nice bright color when the weather gets all dreary.

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