Sweater Update and a CONTEST!

This weekend wasn’t that eventful- as crafting goes. I had a long bus ride and then a long car ride, and I forgot to bring more yarn! I knit as much as I could and then I had to try it on!!

flickr progress

It’s really coming along!   I’m still enjoying knitting it. I did get a cold this weekend, so I took a break for a couple of days, but I’m ready to start knitting again!

As mentioned last week- I’m having a blogaversary contest!!!! I have these super cool needle felted and hand embroidered pin to give away!!  They were completely made by me. I’m starting to sell some in my shop.

tree felted pin

Leave a comment on this post, and it will enter you in the drawing!  Ben will pick the winner (don’t worry-it will be random, so you don’t have to be nice to him to get a better chance).  I’ll post the winner on Friday!  SO EXCITING!


7 thoughts on “Sweater Update and a CONTEST!

  1. Ugh, Ben is totally lame. You’re not supposed to comment when you’re the judge Ben! I like your sweater so far Linds. Will it be short sleeved or are you knitting longer sleeves still?

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  3. Ooo ooo — I love this sweater!

    I have it in my Ravelry library, and I can’t wait to make it for myself! Keep us posted — can’t wait to see how it comes together for you!

    Signing up for your contest — congratulations on your blogaversary! If I celebrated mine, it would be “Happy 4-day blogaversary to me!” — so you’ve reached a milestone that I’m aspiring to!

    You’ve got a great Etsy shop going there! Your magenta flower cards are my favorite!

  4. I love your etsy shop! I think the mermaid bracelet is my favorite. I found your blog through Jessie – your knitting is just great!

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