Olympics tonight!!


I have been working on more brooches!  The one on the top is in progress, but I thought it should still be in the picture.  I really loved the crazy button brooch until I took a picture of it and saw how regular the buttons look.  Maybe I have to rethink placement.  I love the artichoke!  ARTICHOKE BROOCH!  I think I have to make a couple more and play with the stitching!  The olympics are starting tonight- which means two things for me- a happy husband and unlimited crafting time!  It’s going to be a great weekend.

I’m trying to decide the next step in my life.  I’m seriously considering doing a graphic design certificate program.  I think it would give me a great skill that would be immensly useful in everyday life, and would be a great career or freelance career.  Of course- this forces me to make an actual decision, so we’ll see how it goes.  What do you think?

And on a completely unrelated note- Do you watch Project Runway?!  If so- do you read the blog- Project Rungay?!  It’s fabulous.  I just think these guys are the greatest thing since sliced bread!  Check it out if you’re a PR fan or just like fashion!

Have a great weekend!!!


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