And I’m totally proud of it.  You see, I know that a lot of people don’t like Crocs- Tim Gunn for example.  I love crocs, and I think they’ve done some great things with the shoes – made them fashionable AND comfortable.  I personally have three pairs of crocs and love all three.  And all three of them haven’t worn out a bit.  I think it’s time for someone to stand up and say it- I LOVE MY CROCS!

So I was hanging out near Faneuil Hall and I totally had to check out the new Crocs store!!


It’s a very pretty store, and I was definitely not the only person wearing crocs in the crocs store while looking at new crocs and crocs clothing!

I don’t personally own a pair of their flip flops, but I hear they are amazing! I love these with the canvas straps- totally sets them apart.

These are the shoes I’ve been lusting after recently. They are canvas with the crocs insole. The blue pattern is really the one I perfer. I think they are totally cute. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d wear them to work, so I’m going to have to wait until next summer for a purchase.

Oh- I’m sorry did someone say something about unfashionable shoes?! Aren’t these wonderful! They are the You by Crocs line!! They have the crocslite in the footbed, so they are cute and comfortable!  I want the red flats very badly.  SO CUTE!

If you were wondering- this post was not brought to you by crocs (I just really love them), and soon my camera will be back, so you won’t have to deal with these cell phone pictures!


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