Nothing Crafty to say

So- I didn’t do much crafting this weekend.  I did some knitting in the car to and from New Hampshire, but for the most part- I was craft free because I was having such a great weekend hanging out with my parents and husband!  We went to Swanzey New Hampshire to see covered bridges and to the Anheuser Busch Brewery to see beer, but those are for another post.  This post is about the fireworks display we saw in Jaffrey New Hampshire.  It was stunning- better than every 4th of July display I’ve ever seen. 

 Fireworks Fireworks 35.JPG

Fireworks 7.JPG

Fireworks 39.JPG

Fireworks 31.JPG

Fireworks 3.JPG

Fireworks 29.JPG

Fireworks 22.JPG

Fireworks 20.JPG

Fireworks 2.JPG

 Fireworks 14.JPG

Fireworks 1.JPG

This is exactly the kind of day trip that I thought we’d take once we moved to Boston.   It was a ton of fun, and  eventhough there were no corn dogs- I hope to go back next year.


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