I’m all about planning for Christmas gifts.  I KNOW that it’s only August and I have 4 full months to go, but I have to start now!  I have to figure out what I’m knitting from my stash and what I need to buy at RHINEBECK in October.  SO exciting.  And I need to plan what to make for a certain baby who is planning on making his appearance in February.

SO – let’s talk about it.

These buttons were purchased for said baby’s first sweater. I’m awaiting the Baby Suprise pattern in the mail! SO EXCITING! I’m trying to decide what colors- I’m leaning toward brown and pink.  Of course- that would require buying yarn which I’m no supposed to do until October at RHINEBECK!  We’ll see how that goes….

I’m not sure if Ben’s dad will get anything knitted this year.  He has not shown interest in his last knitted gift so he might be getting a book and maybe a knitted bookmark.

Liz’s present I can’t talk about because she occasionally read my blog, but last year I made her this (It’s Urchin– doesn’t she look sassy?) and she loved it.  This year I’m thinking something a little funky to go with it like this (ravelry link). 

My parents are a little difficult– I don’t really want to knit them another blanket, but I’m just not sure what else my dad would want.  I might knit him another hat (he gave the one I made him away to my aunt).  Maybe he’d like slippers.  Gosh- I don’t know.  Maybe I should knit their dogs sweaters and wrap them up for my parents.  Last year I gave my mom a cowl.  She loved it, but I don’t think she’s worn it.  hmm.  Maybe I’ll make her mittens this year.  Vogue Knitting has some really awesome mittens.  Have you seen the new issue?!

Maybe I’ll make my cousins mittens.  I don’t know if they read my blog-

AND I’m thinking of one of these patterns for SOMEONE.

And I’m not really sure what to do for Ben.  Maybe  – yarn for this (ravelry link).  Or maybe the beginning at least.  He totally doesn’t wear the neckwarmer I made for him last year.  I think I’m going to sell it in my etsy store.  If there’s any yarn left from his sweater I’ll make him something from it!  I’m being very vague, but Ben’s been reading my blog!  All suprises will have to be kept to ravelry!


well that’s a start.. I’ll have to do more baby planning later!


One thought on “Planning

  1. Cousin mittens sounds fabulous! You could go all Tiennie knits and make ten pairs of the same gauntlets in different yarns! Well, I guess you only have four cousins to knit for, but still!

    Love the Kristen mittens in Vogue – I think dog sweaters for your parents would be adorable!

    Ben would love that Ravelry link – a girl I worked with at the York made it for her boyfriend in some KnitPicks yarn – it came out really well!

    i love duckie buttons!!

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