As summer is waning

My second – to – last summer weekend was delightful. The weather was gorgeous all weekend, and I got a ton done! We went to a new restaurant in Salem (well- new to us), ate ice cream, and got library cards!!  On Saturday we could feel the chill in the air especially in the evening, but the summer afternoons are still long, warm, and quiet. 

I also got a ton done craft wise-

I finished the length on my February Lady Sweater! I’m about 1/3 into the right sleeve, but I lost one of my dpns while running for the train this morning! I’ll have to go get another set as I have already lost the 5th.

And I painted! I did the background of these paintings earlier in the week, and had a nice long stretch of time to work on them on Sunday. I finished three!  They are all acrylic paint.

Poppies Paintings 7.JPG

White Flowers

white flowers 1.JPG

Both together- they are on 8″ x 8″ canvases.

both paintings together.JPG

And yellow flowers. This one is 18″ x 20″ I’m really digging them.

yellow flowers 5.JPG

If you’re interested they are listed in my Etsy shop, and there are more pictures in my Flickr.

It was really nice to spend a solid amount of time in the studio, and it worked out very well. It’s a little cluttered because we’re trying to fit more furniture up there, but the table I brought in was incredibly useful yesterday. I can’t wait to do more! Tonight I think I’m going to go stash diving for Christmas and baby gifts!


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