Watching the Democratic Parade

I sure got a lot done!  I really wanted to see what the Democrats had to say for themselves yesterday, it being the anniversary of women’s suffrage, but it drives me crazy to just sit there.  Luckily I had plenty to do!

four corners 1.JPG
I began a baby blanket out of organic cotton last night! It’s the mitered square from Mason Dixon Knitting.  I didn’t buy it, but I have discovered something AMAZING- the Salem Library has an Outstanding knitting section!  I got out Knitting Nature and a stitch dictionary!  And there are a TON more I can’t wait to read!  Yeah- I read them, I admit it, I read them like a novel.  It’s a little weird, but it’s more about the inspiration of it. 

Oh- and did you hear the Mason Dixon ladies are coming out with a new book?  Ann wrote a little about it in their blog

I really like their book.  It makes me want to knit dishcloths and bathmats and rugs!  Which is definitely something I’ve never wanted to do before!

Anyway- the baby blanket is colors of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton.  The colors are a little washed out because this picture was taken in poor light.  The blue is a more blue- I’ll take a better picture tonight!  I’m making a smaller version of the squares.  I cast on 36 stitches instead of 72.  I’m thinking that I’ll do 16 squares, but we’ll see how it turns out!  I really enjoyed the first four and am thinking that my father might want a mitered square blanket for Christmas!  In manly colors- of course.

Kitty Fort.JPG

We moved this white table on top of one of our Ottomans while we moved some stuff around. KITTY FORT!

Sorry- back to the original topic of this post!  I thought the convention had a great night last night!  Hillary was great, and I loved her orange pants suit!!

picture borrowed from The Texas Herald

What a lovely color!!  And I love the gold ballet flats!  But she convinced me, as I hope she convinced her other supporters- There is no doubt that I will be voting for Obama in November.


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