Local Food

This summer we’ve been really trying to eat locally. And I’ve been trying to cook a lot more vegetarian dinners! It’s funny because I was a vegetarian for about 5 years and I didn’t eat beef or pork for about 8 years, but once I began eating meat last April (in Paris) I haven’t looked back. But, vegetarianism is great for the environment because of the impact that farm animals have on the environment, so we do what we can. I thought I’d share some of my favorite local meals with you. Most of these items were bought at Farmer’s Markets or at Wilson Farms in Lexington, MA which is a rockin’ good time- and we were there yesterday, and their fruit looks AMAZING!!

This is tomato, feta, artichoke heart pizza with fresh mozzarella on top. The tomato, feta and artichokes, and crust came from Wilson Farms, and the fresh mozzarella came from a little store in South Orange, NJ where they make the mozzarella right there in front of you! mmmm. I don’t remember where the feta came from- MA maybe… it was domestic, I know…

colander eggs 1.JPG
These are our farm fresh eggs which I boiled and then we ate for many a breakfast.

asparagus portobella quiche.JPG
This was also made with those eggs- an asparagus and portobella quiche! It was delightful, and the portobellas and asparagus were from Wilsons. I also made the crust from scratch which was fantastic! I never want to eat a frozen crust again!

I made this gazpacho using local tomatoes, peppers that I actually planted in my parents’ friend’s garden, and cucumbers from the same garden. I gave it a healthy dash of salt and pepper, got a little upset when I couldn’t find the peach hot sauce I thought I had, but it was delightful- of course, this was in July and it was HOT that day- perfect for cold soup.

sauteed veggies.JPG
These veggies are a mixture of ones my parents brought up and from Wilsons again. A little bit of olive oil and we had a meal! Oh- and some chicken which was decidedly not local, so it’s also not pictured.

Local peaches are one of my favorite things about summer! I also love this fancy platter we got for the wedding! Isn’t it cool?!

I’ve been trying to eat locally and vegetarian as much as possible. Ben has slowly been coping with the idea. I made pea soup last night- it’s fantastic, but may have a little too much meat in it as I did not have a hambone, but bought ham ribs instead. It was a risk, I admit it.

We went camping this weekend and bought corn on the side of the road and grilled it- it was FANTASTIC! I am excited about Autumn beginning soon, but I am very sad to see all of these fruits and vegetables turn out of season. We’re really lucky to have a ton of farmers’ markets in Massachusetts. I go to the one in Marblehead on Saturdays and Brookline on Thursdays. Both are fantastic and you should totally swing by if you’re in the Boston/ North Shore area!

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