I have a sleeve!


I finished one of the sleeves on my February Lady Sweater! Unfortunately I totally forgot about the garter stitch inch and a half I was supposed to knit at the bottom of the sleeve! I cast off, but have left a slip knot, so it will be easy to pull out the bind off if I decide I don’t like the rolling sleeve with the rest of the sweater. I’m going to live with it for a short time, and see. What do you think? Is it awful- does it need the garter edge to make it go with the rest of the sweater? I can’t decide, and maybe part of that is that I don’t want to purl!


3 thoughts on “I have a sleeve!

  1. hmm…I think I’d do the garter stitch if I were you. It’ll make it look more finished and fit in with the rest of the sweater. Like a cuff! Plus, you can always roll it up if you want.

  2. I like the lack of edging, but don’t like the rolling. I think the garter stitch helps to tie it all together, too. If you want to avoid purling, you can always knit the cuff flat – in fact, I think I’d like that, giving it a little vent – that might be nice.

    You’re so far!! I started my first sleeve over my vacaction, but it’s going slowly….

  3. I think it looks so delicate and pretty!!! I would do the other sleeve and look at it as a whole. I think the rolling is cute, but I agree that the edging would really bring it all together.

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