Etsy Friday!

So, I’ve been looking for a pet costume for my cat, as we’re living in Salem, and she really should be dressed for Halloween.  She might never speak to me again, but that’s a price I’ll have to pay.  There are a ton of GREAT pet costumes on Etsy!


Custom order Tutu for Dog or cat

jiniaj’s shop is full of costumes for kids and tutus for pets!  I love her butterfly skull hairclips!

Royal Floral Dress Made For A Princess Pug

Mia’s Closet has adorable dog clothes.  LOVE this dress.

Queen of Sheba, feather collar

Dogs Gone Diva has this great feather collar that would totally work on either dog or cat.  Qface might mistake it for lunch, though.

Eenodol’s shop has a ton of cute cat headwear.  Kitty alien!  ADORABLE!


I might end up making something for Qface in the end.  I think she would like a kitty hoody.  How adorable would that be!!  I don’t think I can knit my cat a sweater-  That might be weird.  It’s time like this I wish I had a dog- It’s totally not weird to knit dog sweaters!


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