I have accomplished something this year!

FLS 9-9-08
I have finished my February Lady Sweater and taken crappy pictures to comemorate the occasion!! Luckily I had three episodes of Jeeves and Wooster to watch or it might have never have happened!

fls flat 9-9-08
Better pictures and buttons and blocking coming soon! I wanted to wear it to work today. Without buttons and blocking and with it being way to warm to do so. I love it. It’s my first completely adult size sweater! I bought buttons! I bought them on Thursday!

I definitely am rearin’ to pick up Ben’s sweater. Alas, that is an only in the car or on the couch project- It’s way too big to bring out on the town! Who decides to do a saddle shouldered aran with a steek as her first sweater? WHO?  Why am I crazy?  Thank god Jessie convinced me to knit this sweater!  Anyway-

I began something else!

For a certain baby- because my certain friends are pregnant.  And I’m not sure how much I should blog about their baby’s knits.  Well, this sweater doesn’t show much- except you can probably tell that that’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern in the background of the bag, and now you probably know what I’m knitting.  Alas- I’m quite excited about this new project.  I can’t wait to see it come together!  And I’m really digging all of the garter stitch I’ve been doing lately!


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