Jessie’s coming today!

Jessie’s coming to visit today!  I’m so excited!!  I have printed out an itinerary for a yarn crawl, and am prepared for the long trek! 
yarn crawl plan

Have you been to KnitMap?  It’s pretty amazing- You type in the zip code you’re looking for and then what ever else you’d like in a yarn shop- seating, wifi, specific times, or classes are some of the choices.  It’s great- I’ve been using it to plan vacations.   Like- Ben and I go to this conference every year, and this coming year it’s in Rochester, Minnesota– and I was all like- Minnesota?!  What can we do there?  And Ben was all like- go to the conference- and I was all- let me look it up on Knit Map, and wouldn’t you know- THREE yarns stores!  I’m so there!

ANYWAY- back to this weekend. Jessie and I have big plans- they include going to the Peabody Essex Museum and seeing at least the exhibit on weddings, and I think there’s also an exhibit going on about tattoos, and of course their permanent collection which is fabulous- Like their model of the Taj Mahal!  It’s a fantastic museum- if you’re ever in the Salem area, you should totally stop by!  Other things on our list are : sushi, Fire and Ice possibly, Salem Beer Works, knitting time (of course), possibly a pumpkin cream cheese muffin if S-bucks has them, and some good quality kitty cuddling time.  It should be a FANTASTIC weekend!

In other news-

another look going to work
I wore my sweater to work today!  It finally finished blocking.  I couldn’t find a fan, so it took two days and Q helped out a bit–

blocking with kitty
Adorable. It’s actually not covered in cat hair as one might have suspected. I don’t think she hung out on it all day while I wasn’t home, and was just trying to prove a point when I was home- if you’re not petting me, I’m going to lie on your sweater. She showed me.

Last night I also pulled out my yarn that I have been keeping for present knitting!
yarn for christmas

It’s a lot! I started a pair of mittens for my cousin (I’m totally not telling which one- I don’t know if they read my blog- but just in case.) Of course- after getting out all of my yarn to be knit, I pick up the yellow wool that I just finished using for my sweater. I must really be in yellow mode.

glove edging
I started with some lace detail at the cuff, and then started increasing into the hand with yarn overs. I started an asymmetrical cable design on the top of the mitten, and the palm is going to irish moss stitch. My plan is to have some cable/ bobble detail on the top opposite the cabling.

hand of glove
I really like how it’s turning out so far! I’m planning on writing up the pattern when I’m finished! I’ll need to get someone else to try them on, though. My cousins hands are quite small, and I feel like I’m stretching the mitten out everytime I try it on.

I have made a list of other things to start knitting for Christmas! I think I am on my way! Of course- this time every year I think think that I’ll be sooo ready for Christmas, and then I decide to do some crazy project that totally makes that impossible.

at least I know it’s coming, right?

So- my computer is sick or tired or something, so my photos will be from my phone until further notice.  Sorry!  I know it’s not the best quality.  I’ll try to take good pictures and keep updating!  I’m quite worried about my powerbook.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.  I hope a new computer isn’t in order because Ben just got a new one for school, and I’m pretty sure that a new computer for Lindsey’s knitting pictures doesn’t fit into our budget right now.


2 thoughts on “Jessie’s coming today!

  1. I am totally jealous of your yarn crawl!!! So cool! Thanks for posting the link to knitmap – I will have to plan a crawl sometime!

    And your sweater looks great!!! I love the color and the buttons. Very cool.

  2. Your sweater does look super great. That sucks about the computer. Is there an apple store in boston? There must be, you should take it to them to look at. I find the apple store people very helpful.

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