First things first

So- Happy Friday!

I started a scarf for Ben last night!  It’s the Seaman’s Style Scarf with Reversible Cables.  I was looking at Seaman’s style scarves, and was getting all bummed out because they weren’t reversible, so I did a quick ravelry search and found it!  AWESOME!
Ben's scarf
I’m knitting it with Misti Alpaca Bulky, and I cast on 36 stitches instead of 60. I think it’s going to be pretty perfect for his request of a “professional” scarf. I might run out of yarn, so I will probably have to regroup when I start his hat. These I think can definitely be finished by Rhinebeck- his birthday is October 20, so I think he’ll want his presents prior to me going away. He’s actually going to New York City Friday-Monday of that weekend because I’m going away on Saturday and Sunday. He’s going to see a concert and hang out with NYC friends. He’ll probably want the scarf and hat before that even if his sweater isn’t finished (which it probably won’t be- let’s get serious).

I’m still plugging away on my Baby Suprise Jacket. I have started all the colors in, and I really love it. You saw the elephant buttons in the last post, but here are all the colors–
BSJ - all colors!
I totally want a lindsey sweater in those colors. Maybe with a more orangey orange.

and now for something completely different…

Um, I’m having a really great hair day today, and I’m totally blogging about it.
Adorable Lindsey
This is totally a work cube shot by the way.  I’ve had a lot of shampoo issues lately, and I was hanging out on Newbury St. The other day (bringing my computer to the computer doctor), and I wandered by LUSH. I LOVE LUSH! I love how they don’t test on animals, how they have such natural products, and I love the picture of the person who made the product on the product.

I had a great person in the store helping me pick things out (she even showed me a picture of her cat in a vest, so she’s my new favorite person!).  My favorites so far include Rehab Shampoo, Aqua Marina Cleanser, and Eau Roma Water Toner.  I’m loving it all!  I also bought some henna, so I might be looking a little different in a few days!!


One thought on “First things first


    That is the best story EVER!

    Your hair looks great! I love the colors for the BSJ, too.

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