The spoils of crawling!

So, I got a lot of great stuff on our yarn crawl this past weekend- now, it’s not as much as you might expect because we are going to RHINEBECK in a few WEEKS (!).

adorable buttons from sit n knit
I got these adorable buttons at Sit n’ Knit- our first stop. I’m thinking about doing a little baby squirrel hoody with the acorn buttons. Sort of like a throwback to Super Mario Bros 3– when Mario wore the squirrel outfit, not just had the tail.

The penguin buttons will probably be on a brooch or a hat. I couldn’t leave without them, especially not after Jessie kept telling me all the fantastic things I could do with them! So they live with me now, waiting for their embroidered igloo homes.

At Cranberry Fiber Arts I got some Misti Alpaca for Ben’s birthday presents.
misti alpaca from cranberry fibers
He requested a scarf and a hat that were “professional” for his birthday. Of course, his birthday is October 20, so I have to get moving on these! I think there might be more on this later…

I also got buttons for his sweater there! I have pulled his sweater out of hibernation, but I haven’t actually begun working on it again. It was supposed to be done before his birthday, but it’s looking bleak. Maybe if he hadn’t requested knitted things for his birthday I would be able to do both. Ah well.
ben's sweater buttons!
Very manly, aren’t they? I really like them- I bought every one that she had. Like – 12. I wasn’t sure how many I would need, and Ben’s tall!

I also bought these adorable elephants there for my Baby Suprise Jacket! With all the different colors, I thought that having a silver button would be the best route, instead of introducing another color. I totally love the elephants. SO ADORABLE!
elephant buttons from cranberry fibers

At Angora’s I went through the SALE BIN! I love when there are sales bins! Each of these was $2!! The reddish one is tweed cashmere, and the yellow one is a mystery yarn, but I love the color!!
sales bin steals from angoras

I also bought some kidsilk haze to create a tube like stole for my MIL for Christmas. I started knitting, and it’s great mindless knitting!
kidsilk haze from yarns in the farms
The brown is from last year, but the teal and yellow are new. They are very pretty together!

A very good day with yarn!  I’m very excited to start knitting!!


One thought on “The spoils of crawling!

  1. 1. I love the acorn buttons. Your idea to make a squirrel hoodie is genius.

    2. that kidsilk haze looks so cool! I love the color combos!

    3. My friend Kate and I are going to Rhinebeck!!! (Finally, after trying to get it together for the last couple of years…) I am really excited. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you and Jessie!

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