Etsy Friday

How about a Jane Austen Etsy Friday-

I have a problem- I mean, it’s not a big problem, but a problem none the less.  I have had my library card for 5 weeks, and I have already checked their Pride and Prejudice DVD out of the library twice.  SO- 20% of the time I have it in my house.  I love it.  I watch it over and over again.  And if I’m running out of time I fast forward to the best part.

That’s right- Colin Firth- wet after swimming in a lake, and completely taken off guard.  And then he changes real quick and is nothing but ease.  mmmm

ANYWAY – there are a TON of Jane Austen inspired/ themed things on Etsy!

Austen Flutter Shawl

Austen Flutter Shawl by ModestAmbition.  I love this shawl, and her others.  I also love how she photographs them.

Crossed in Love (print)

Crossed in Love Print by Yardia.  It’s a gocco print.  I love her drawing style. There are also cards of the same design, and a bunch of other cute prints!

Pride and Prejudice Book Purse

Pride and Prejudice Book Purse by ExLibris Purses.  There are other great books like Anne of Green Gables, Nancy Drew, and Bobbsey Twins!

I’m having a lot of fun with this one!  I might continue on Monday…

Have a great weekend!!


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