Painted Pumpkins and some knitting

Walking home yesterday I noticed that my neighbor’s garden had a few new additions! How adorable are these little painted pumpkins! What a great project to do in early fall when it’s not time for pumpkin carving yet! There was also some litte squashes there which were adorable! They have some beautiful flowers, and it’s just a next to sidewalk garden. I love how they took such a small space and really got creative with it. It’s a pleasure to walk past it going home.

Ben's hat
I’m almost done Ben’s hat! It would be more exciting if it were colder out or if it were actually near his birthday. I think this is definitely the fastest scarf and hat I’ve ever knitted! Especially the hat! I started last night, and I think I have about 5 rows to go! I mimicked the cables in the scarf and just went for it. I really like it, and I think it coordinates really well. AND I didn’t need any more yarn because I have that fancy maroon stripe. I’m totally tricky.  I’m wearing my adorable llama earrings that Jessie gave me!  You can’t see it in this picture, but I’m also wearing my yarn necklace that I bought from etsy seller, Mack.  I’m so fiber themed!

In food news I made lasagna!
mmm! I was part way into it, and I realized- hey I don’t have a recipe! I just sort of bought things that go into a lasagna, and made it! Next time I think I’ll buy regular noodles. I bought the Trader Joe’s no boil noodles, and they did not float my boat. I made asparagus and meatballs (frozen) to eat with it. It was great! I can’t wait to try again (this time with more ricotta! But I think everything needs more ricotta!).

I also made garlic bread
garlic bread
It wasn’t my best attempt, but I think it was definitely the most fattening!
I took a loaf of store bought bread (one of the loaves in the bakery section- I think this one was “rustic”), and I sliced it. Then I melted a stick of butter, put about 4 tbs of already chopped garlic into the butter until it was fully melted. I poured the butter on each piece of bread until the butter was gone, and then I topped it with a mozzarella/ parmesan combo. YUM! I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to be able to show you how much there was, but it was delicious!


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