How many times can I say Sharpie?

I love Sharpie Markers- I always have. Later in my life I would buy the huge packs of them- with 36 colors and with metallic colors. I loved their strong lines and how easily they fit in my hand. I loved how they seemed to have an endless supply of ink. In college I would hang out with my sketch book drawing anything that came to mind with them or sometimes I would take them to boring lectures and draw portraits of the people around me. Sharpie portraits. Actually these are some of my favorite pieces I did in college.

Reading the CRAFT blog this morning I came across this post about a man who decorated his basement entirely with a sharpie drawing. It’s amazing! Check it out if you haven’t already!

While clicking through I stumbled across Justine Ashbee who lives in Brooklyn and makes these beautiful and organic drawings with sharpies.  On her website there are a ton of these beautiful drawings.  Check out #14.  I think it’s my favorite.

Image of An Unknown Entity PrintPicture from Justine Ashbee's store.

From her artist’s statement:

“I’m utilizing stark, amorphous lines to trace the movement and human experience of the non-linear and imaginational realms. Through this intuitive visual language, a negotiation of the visceral and everyday human experiences of beauty and pleasure, and feeling are given voice.”

You can visit her store here.  It has really reasonably priced prints and t-shirts!

And for a really cool video of sharpie art check this out.  It’s totally worth the pay off at the end.

Etsy Seller John Clark creates sharpie portraits with words.

PRINT - Point the Way

He’s been on Etsy forever.  I really like his stuff.  It’s very young and fun.

I stumbled upon this project- the Church of Sharpie.  Alexandra Mir, a New York artist, brought 16 young artists together to create huge sharpie drawings with American themes.  The drawings are really cool- I would love to see them full size!

Do you know you can personalize Sharpies?!?!  HOW FUN!  Wedding favors or prizes or a fun gift!  Totally cute!  I want one with a skull and crossbones!

Dancing nude

This is a piece I did with Sharpie markers last year.  Crazy lines!  I totally want to go home and get out my sharpies!!  The piece is in my shop.


2 thoughts on “How many times can I say Sharpie?

  1. I thought that was really cool too, and your artwork is inspiring me to do a piece with Sharpies!

    One thing to keep in mind when doing Sharpie art on the walls– it really bleeds through if you try to paint over it. When I was in high school I drew all over my bedroom walls, and it took several layers of primer and paint to cover it up later.

  2. I like having my sharpies with me too. They go everywhere with me . i like just doodling with them. Its crazy how simple sharpies make such cool art.

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