I’m going to be purple and stripey all winter!

Such pretty colors!
So- I’m plugging away at Porom. It’s a super fun knit- easy to memorize and easy to work on standing up while waiting in line/ on the T/ in the elevator leaving work…. I am really enjoying myself. I think that part of it might be that the colors are just so gorgeous!!  It’s been my evening knitting two nights in a row- you can see how far I’ve gotten today in the last picture.

beginning rim
I LOVE these purples. All of them. They make me happy everytime I pick up the hat. And the yarn is so springy and fun!! I know I should be working on Ben’s sweater- trying to get it done by his birthday, but I totally need a cute hat! Maybe I’ll finish it soon, and can turn my attention to Ben’s sweater.

stripey hat
I even like how it’s striping. I didn’t at first- in the first couple of rows past the rim I was a little worried about it, but I love how it looks now! I just want it to be done so I can start wearing it! And I’m totally into making matching wrist warmers.

In computer news- it’s dead. Officially. Unless I want to pay Apple $1250 to fix it (which I don’t!- more than I paid for the computer 4 years ago!) it’s a goner. I’m going to try to retrieve my files, but I’m not overly confident about it. Considering I’m starting a graphic design program in January, I’m definitely going to need something then, but I’m going to have to look at what different options I have. le sigh


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