Etsy Friday

Sorry I’ve been a total blog loser this week.  I have the sickness that everyone seems to have right now.  I haven’t wanted to get up from my chair.  I just want to cuddle with the cat and my comforter, drink tea, and eat popcorn for dinner.  Well- that’s what I did all last night anyway. 

Porcelain Copper-Red Mug

Love this Porcelain Red Copper Mug by Gr8clay!  I really dig the glazing!

lidded tea bowl - handthrown pottery

I want to curl up with this lidded tea bowl by dovecotedesign!  Love the jewelry bowl too!

Tea Time Sew On Buttons

How awesome are these Tea Time Buttons by Creamrose?  SO AWESOME!

Single Funky Square Mug

ooh- I love this Funky Square Mugkhkphillips has a ton of really cool pottery!

Happy weekending!  Have a great Columbus Day!


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