My real post

 I love October.  I love that it’s time to start wearing knitting things, and I love that I can kick leaves as I walk home from the train station.  I love that my feet get cold in the evenings if I’m not wearing socks, and I love that I start craving hot chocolate.  I love the smell of apples in the house, and the anticipation of getting pumpkins to carve.  I love the cool wind on my face, and the lighter scarves that just aren’t appropriate for February in Boston.  I love the changing leaves.  I used to love them in NJ, but now I LOVE them.  Masschusetts in Autumn is AMAZING.  I can’t wait for the long drive this weekend to RHINEBECK!  The leaves are ALWAYS worth the drive!  Most of all- I love that in Autumn I feel like doing EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at once.  I want to sit on the couch and just bask in the season, wear a sweater, watch house, and eat apple pie, but I also want to get my life on track and update my shop, write up patterns for a dozen designs I have floating in my head, and knit a zillion things for everyone I know.  mmmm…. Finding a balance has been easier this year.  I think it’s because Ben is in school, and I have every other night to myself, so I sort of pace when I’m lethargic and when I’m manic and work it out at the end of the night when Ben comes home and says- what a mess you’ve made!

ah well…

I brought Ben’s hat to work just as it was being finished and showed it off, and my work-friend Emily  loved it so much that she went out and bought some Misti Alpaca in bulky so I could knit her one.  It took me about 4 hours while I was home sick, and the handpainted yarn she chose made it such a pleasure!  Also the fact that she wanted braids and a tassle made it a charming little knit!  It’s a pretty simple hat, but I get a lot of questions about how to knit it, so I’m going to write up a pattern.  With or without ear flaps.  With or without braids.  My other work friend- Hilary asked for one also, so she’ll be the without earflaps or braids version!  Quite exciting!

Emily's hat 2
Hi Emily!
Emily's hat
Isn’t the color of the yarn gorgeous!? It’s called “mojito”. Emily bought it at a little yarn shop in Mystic, CT.

I cuddled with her hat for awhile after I finished it. Totally cuddle-worthy yarn.

My computer is officially dead.  Thanks Apple.  Now it’s sitting on a shelf in my dining room looking sad.

OH! I do have the most delightful table centerpiece for the season! Sadly all of the apples will soon be used, and I’ll need something else to round it out, but here it is–
autumn centerpiece
Don’t mind the fish platter- that just sort of snuck in there. I love little decorative gourds. I always go overboard with them. I tried not to this year, but there is another farm trip soon in my future.
2 days until RHINEBECK! Planning is in full swing. Don’t worry- they’ll be a ton of yarn pictures!!

Did you see that Kristin NIcholas has a new shop up on her site?  Love the pillow stitchery kits!  Perfect Xmas gift for a crafty friend!!


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