Topsfield Fair!

This past weekend I went to the Topsfield Fair with my mom and Ben. Going through my pictures I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of them. I did take pictures of like 10 different rabbits and 5 chickens, but none of those super cool people with me. I lose. Anyway here’s what the Topsfield fair is like if you REALLY like animals and vegetables.

tokens for admission
sand sculpture
goat milking
giant angora wild blue bunny
biggest pumpkin
This rooster liked me

I’ll write a real post later today. And I’ll talk about the crafty stuff I saw at the fair! Not just the animals- Aren’t they cute, though? And those vegetables! Beautiful! Oh- and the Dahlias!

I didn’t take pictures of the food, but there was definitely a funnel cake- the only funnel cake I’ve been able to find in Massachusetts. Is it just me or is that nuts?! I mean- I don’t get this fried dough thing. I did eat a huge pickle. that was good. No time for a picture- too tastey.


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