Rhinebeck tomorrow!!

Rhinebeck tomorrow! I’m working hard trying to figure out what I need to bring and what projects I want to shop for! I have a bunch of ideas for designs I want to make for the holidays, so I’m looking at projects that are similar and figuring out how much yarn to get. Whew! My pile is getting big!!

I’m hoping to have my fingerless mitts done by tomorrow. I’ve gotten to the thumb on my first one. Only 1-2 inches to go!  Don’t you love the striping?
fingerless mitt2

I’m thinking about puttins some fingerless mitts in my etsy shop.  Not this fancy– a more simple pattern.  I really like knitting them.  Well, I really like knitting the first one.  We’ll see how it goes with the second one.  It’s ironic because last year I was finishing my fingerless mitts the night before Rhinebeck.  Actually, reading through last year’s post is a little creepy because Ben was also in NYC and I was at home watching tv, eating cheese, and knitting.  That’s exactly what my plans are for tonight!  Sadly my endpaper mitts have been washed by Ben, so they’ve been given to a younger person with very small hands.

And if you’re interested in what I bought last year— here’s the post.  It looks like so much!  I’ve actually used most of the yarn or it’s on the list to be used this year!  That’s suprising!!  I thought I hadn’t made much of a dent in it. 

Ah well.

So here’s the shopping list-

*Yarn for a sweater for Ben (he requested a sweater with a zipper.  *shudder* approx
*Yarn for a sweater for me- I haven’t decide which one, so I’ll probably get between 1000- 1200 yards.  I have to check to see how many yards I used on my FLS. 
*Yarn for a hemlock ring blanket 600 – 900 yards.  I need one, and I think it needs to be my post- Christmas knitting.
*Yarn for something I’m planning for Liz- squishy and chic.  Maybe– 400 yards.
*And the rest is for splurge yarn, and little notions.  I’m on a button diet, though.  I haven’t used ANY of the buttons I bought last year.  I love them, but I haven’t made anything perfect for them.  Ah well.

Can that really be it?! 

And I need to find my Ravelry button!! 
I also need to bring-
*My big tote
*sunflower seeds
*fruit leathers
*notions bag (for knitting emergencies)
*folders of patterns and pattern stats

I’m so excited!! Ooh- I can’t wait to eat fried artichokes!


One thought on “Rhinebeck tomorrow!!

  1. I can hardly contain myself…I am making my lists, too! I don’t want to get too crazy, but there are so many things in my queue that I would love to do over the next year…AAAK!!!

    P.S. I love the mitts you’re working on. And your hat came out so great – I love the colors!

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