Rhinebeck Recap

I definitely didn’t take as many pictures at Rhinebeck this year, but it was really awesome. Best year yet, I’d say! Third time’s a charm? Jessie and I got there on Saturday.  Jessie got there around 9, I finally found her around 11 (because I kind of suck at directions).

I did almost run out of gas on the way!
almost ran out of gas
(I have a 14 gallon tank!)

Here’s Jessie! I took a picture of her when I found her! Isn’t her February Lady Sweater cute?!

first purchase!
This was the first yarn purchase of the weekend. mmmmm.  Jessie’s purchase.  Such Jessie colors!

fun animal hats!
mmm yarn
We wandered around and shopped sort of aimlessly. Buying huge amounts of yarn, eating lamb ravioli, and running into some blog friends!!
Then we went to the rav party!!
rav party
It was so much fun! There were giveaway bags and cupcakes and an open bar!!
Really cool Rav cupcakes!fingerless mitt to beer cozy
I didn’t finish my second fingerless mitt in time to wear, but I was able to use the one as a beer cosy! And then a coffee cosy in the morning.
jessie - drunk on yarn
There was also a fun raffle that we didn’t win anything at. Then it was really cold, so we took off to the hotel. We hung out with our yarn, felted a little, and checked out our Rav bags again.
rav give aways
click on the picture to be brought to my flickr page- I put little notes over all the stuff.

Sunday was colder.

We finished up the yarn buying, hung out at the author’s tent, revisited the cheese, and went to see the llamas! I met a llama named Tito, and bought some of his yarn!! He seemed quite excited.
cheese haul
rav give aways
cute llamas
agnes the sheep
This is Agnes- she is a delightful sheep that we met on Sunday. Isn’t her sheep halter adorable?

We had great fair food! Sauted artichokes, kettle corn, cotton candy, perogies, and kielbasy!
jessie with kielbasy
We were so sad that the fried pickle truck wasn’t there! Fried pickle people- if you’re out there- WE MISSED YOU!

I was sad it was over, but the ride home was GORGEOUS!
Nice ride home

Luckily we’re already planning for next year!

(look at my last post for what I actually bought)


3 thoughts on “Rhinebeck Recap

  1. Did you hear? Next year, you may be getting significant others too. And a baby knitter…

    If executed, there might be other activities for the non yard elite, but hey, road trip! Wineries!?

  2. I’m so in for next year and the wineries! I wish I could’ve made it this year, but I think next year will be better. There’s only so much yarn shopping I can do. Jessie looks so cute in her February Lady Sweater! I want one too!!! (I realize I pretty much say that about everything you knit that you post on this blog Linds, but it’s true!) MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!

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