My sweet husband

Ben loves it
So I was reading A Little Bit of Happy’s post about her husband and this wonderful thing he did for her.  Go read it- I’ll wait.
Look happy - or I'll blog about it.JPG
And I e-mailed it over to Ben with a little note- “Just sayin’ in case you have any trips coming up.”

his response: I would need handknit socks first.
Ben with 11 inches
I think I’m in danger of covering my husband in hand knit items from head to toe.  He’ll never get pants, but socks.  I could do socks… I mean, I have knit socks.  I wouldn’t call myself a sock knitter, but for Ben?  Should I let my husband turn me into a sock knitter?  Or am I just setting myself up to knit him something else that it will take me year to finish?  Stupid second sock syndrome… But on the other hand- I would get to buy sock yarn.  I love sock yarn.  What a great excuse!  Maybe it will be his Christmas present!!
Ben's Tree Excitement


2 thoughts on “My sweet husband

  1. My girlfriend’s feet get really cold in the winter, and when I suggested handknit socks she seemed to like the idea, so I guess I will have to become a sock knitter as well. I do like having a reason to buy sock yarn!

  2. I admire the women who can knit socks for their husbands. I am not one of them. My husband doesn’t have tremendously giant feet (10.5) but they are WIDE (5E!) and he is SO hard on socks. He puts holes in store-bought socks like nothing. I might consider knitting him a pair of DK or worsted weight socks just to wear around the cold house in the winter, but knit him socks with my actual precious beautiful expensive sock yarn?! Never!! Sorry Matt! 😛

    (Your husband is ADORABLE by the way!)

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