Etsy Friday

Tis the season for pumpkins!  We’re carving pumpkins this weekend- it’s totally what I have on the brains!

Stem 2 - Fine Art Photograph - 8x12

LOVE this fine art photograph by Bucks County Frames.   I love those blue pumpkins.  They’re so ghouly looking!  oooh- There’s also an adorable sheep photo!

The Vermont Snuggler in Pumpkin

How fun is this orange Vermont Snuggler by Yooko?!  I love the look of this Ecru Warmer.  Totally cute.


I'M HIDING A PUMPKIN UNDER MY SHIRT - Black Long Sleeve Maternity Tshirt, Sizes S, M, L, and 2X - LIMITED EDITION

How cute is this shirt by jellybean apparel?!  Love this one, too.  My friend Emily’s pregnant.  I get to see her this weekend!  She already has a costume for Halloween or I woud totally suggest this shirt!

Fat Pumpkin...fused art glass pendant

Love this fused glass pumpkin by jochris12!  It’s so pumpkiny without being cheesey.  Love the candy corn earrings– there’s a ton of fun stuff!

Have a good weekend!!


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