Pumpkiny Goodness

The weekend went very well!  I think everyone had a great time at the party!!  We ate A LOT of food- wore costumes – and lounged around.  Oh- and drank a lot of hot cider with rum.  mmm.

I took one preparty photo- these are the pumpkins we bought to carve!
partying pumpkins
We carved all of them except one little one! I even have a knitting themed one! I’ll have to take some pictures of them! That was totally the best part!

I stupidly didn’t take a lot of pictures- in fact, I don’t think there are any pictures of me dressed as Marilyn.  Ah well.  Want to see some fun pictures?  Head over to Jessie’s blog— she was Princess Peach and she was so adorable!!  OH!  And it’s her birthday today, so be sure to wish her a happy birthday!!

Jessie took the following pictures:

(this is obviously before I put on my costume) Emily’s an oven with bun in it!!  How cute!!  (she’s pregnant!)

and this is our orangey clovey spiced cider.  If I had to do it over- I would have let the cider simmer for a couple hours or put the spices into it the night before in the fridge before serving.  It was soo good the next day!!  And the oranges were so fun to make!!

I’ll post more pictures as people put them online.

Yesterday Becca, Bob, and I hung around and played scrabble outside by the water. It was really lovely and relaxing.
scrabble game outside

I was completely wiped out yesterday and just hung around the house at night and worked on Jessie’s birthday present- Pictures coming soon!! It’s almost done!!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkiny Goodness

  1. I have to say, you look as though you have the most wonderful, sociable, and friend filled life……………….. there’s something really nice about seeing your warm, fun life…………………. it makes me want to be there, joining in!

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