Etsy Friday

I’m feeling very orangey today. I did my pumpkiny halloweeny post last week, so let’s go orange!

Love and Laughter

LOVE the colors in this painting entitled Love and Laughter.  It’s an encaustic painting from IVH Designs.

I Like You

I love this card by K is for Katie.  I appreciated the sentiment.  I really love sweaters.  Love her great sense of humour!  This card might need to my husband.  And I LOVE this card!

Handspun and Handpainted Yarn All Wool 14.00oz or 560 yards

mmm handspun and handpainted yarn by donegerblue!  Their yarn looks yummy!

Febbraio - 8x8

Love this photo by Robert Socha.  Love his photos– they are gorgeous.

Giraffe Print

LOVE LOVE LOVE this giraffe print by Orange Willow!  He has so much personality!!  I dig his floppy eared bunny too.


This totally makes me want to go knit with my crazy cotton yarn that Jessie gave me!  mmmm  I’ve been on yellow for awhile, but I might be heading back into orange as my color of choice.


Happy Halloween!  I hope it’s full of fun and orange!


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