Turn the heat on- it’s time

It’s so cold!  Is it really still October?  Well, I guess it’s almost over- one more day–  I have been a little absent this week.  I have been oddly stressed about seemingly nothing.  It’s been very odd- it might just be the mess in the house or the fact that our windows are like draft factories!  We’ll hopefully fix all of those problems this weekend!

Tuesday, we went out for Ben’s birthday
Ben's Birthday cheese plate!
(that’s his birthday cheese plate- adorable, no?) Oh- and do you like his orange birthday sweater?  I think it suits him quite well!

But the truely magnificent thing was the rainbow we saw on the way to the restaurant!
I know that it’s not that impressive in this picture, but keep in mind that this picture was taken with my cell phone! It was gorgeous- almost a double rainbow. I think it was the most vivid rainbow I had ever seen.

It is cold outside- Ben won’t let me turn the heat on in October. He says it’s un Massachusetts of me or something.   Ben is very tough and manly and would not dream of turning the heat on in October.  I turned the heat on on Wednesday.  This is the conversation we had about it:

Me:  I turned the heat on, it was freezing.

Ben:  Oh I know, I turned it up.

Me:  You turned it up?!  I thought you were against the heat being on!

Ben:  Well once you had turned it on it was ok for me to turn it up!  I wasn’t the wimp!

Nice, huh?

Well, last night I was in baking mode because I had to make breakfast for this breakfast group I am in at work, and I had been saving one of the pumpkins that we didn’t cut up this weekend for it–

roasted pumpkin
So, I roasted it for about an hour with about 1/2″ of water in the bottom of the pan and then took the skin off. I hear that it’s better to peel it first, but that seemed a little too much work when taking it off of the cooked pumpkin was so easy! I then mashed it up and put it into muffins and breads!

Of course I started mixing together the dry ingredients for the muffins (yes I was breaking one of the cardinal rules of baking- I did not gather my ingredients beforehand, I like to pull them out of the cabinet) and I went to get the wet ingredients, and I was out of eggs AND milk! Augh! Luckily I had some plain yogurt to sub and I added until the batter appeared to have a pumpkin muffin batter consistency. And then I realized I hadn’t added the pumpkin. I totally lost. totally. Luckily the pumpkin muffins didn’t turn out too bad- they could have been sweeter, but I think I forgot to double the sugar. oops.
Obviously my head wasn’t in the muffin game. But at least I got muffins out of the whole ordeal–
pumpkin muffin

And I couldn’t decide what to do with all the left over pumpkin, so I looked up an eggless recipe online, and went to town.  I did add some sugar to it- maybe 1/2 a cup.  It’s delicious!  I didn’t take any pictures, though.  mmmm pumpkin everything!

Oh- and I also roasted the seeds from the pumpkin I roasted and some from the ones we carved!  There are A LOT of pumpkin seeds.

roasted pumpkin seeds
YUM! It was really easy to just throw them in with a little olive oil and garlic salt and put them in the oven with the bread/ muffins. Great snack!

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!!


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