Trees in the distance

I am completely revved up about election day, but alas have no new information. It’s kind of a non- news, huge news day. There isn’t really much to say as everyone votes, but we’re glued the computers and tvs dying to hear something.

But I’m not actually talking about that.

I’m planning on showing you what I accomplished this weekend! Having a rare weekend where we don’t have any plans is such a treat! I spent a ton of time in my studio, hanging out with the cat, and knitting!

I had a canvas lying around that I had painted red and was planning on going back into, but I got out my sharpies and my sketch book, and it sort of dawned on me- Why not just go for the canvas? It’s small– 8″ x 8″, but I really like it.
Red tree
I had started with the tree, and I was listening to the BBC on NPR. I heard this story.  I can’t really begin to say that my little piece portrays the feelings and thoughts that this girl and her family must have gone through, but it certainly influenced my thoughts as I created this.  I think I’m calling it “injustice”.  Such a sad story.

Continuing in the same vein- I was thinking about being in a society where you’re not in the majority, and how it’s hard to fit into the confines of that society. Out came the graph paper- I love graph paper, I can’t really explain it, I just want to fill in those squares!- and I went at it.
Three trees unfinished

It’s not finished in this picture.  It’s a little more completed now.  I’m really enjoying using such a simple medium.  I can’t seem to stop from picking up the Sharpie’s and going at it.  I couldn’t walk past this- still can’t- without filling in a few of the background squares.  It will be done soon, and then I think I’ll mount it on acid free matt board.    I’m not really sure what to call it.  It makes me think of dancing.

In knitting news- I finished a long time not bloggable project, but it is still not bloggable!  A couple of days, I think!

I did finish a hat for my work-friend Hilary
It’s a Lion Brand yarn. I don’t remember what kind. I might have the ball band somewhere- it’s a simple k4, p2 pattern with cables. I have to add a pom-pom and then it will be done!

Happy Election Day!  I can’t wait to get to voting and then find out how it turned out!!!  Oh- and get some free ice cream and a free coffee of course!  Apparently there’s a ton of stuff!  Happy voting!


3 thoughts on “Trees in the distance

  1. Totally cute hat! I saw the second tree drawing on your Flickr stream and didn’t realize that you had done it – it reminds me of mosiac work, really technical and pretty at the same time. Very cool!

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