So I saw this movie about knitting…

Well– only kind of.  This weekend I saw Zach and Miri Make a Porno.  It was a good film- I mean it was a Kevin Smith film that was wildly inappropriate, but funny and sweet.  The best part of it was the knitwear, though!

Z + M screen shot- knitwear!
It was all over the movie! Miri mentions in passing getting someone a deal on yarn, so I assume that she works at a yarn store. That’s all they mention, but there’s knitwear everywhere!!

Z+M screen shot- knitwear 2
She never actually was knitting anything, but I assume it was supposed to be hers. There were crocheted blankets, different scarfs, fair isle hats, and fun fur.

I would have gotten more pictures, but Ben made me stop. Apparently it’s illegal or something-


One thought on “So I saw this movie about knitting…

  1. I noticed the same thing and this movie was a conundrum for me. I do a lot of crafts and so do my sisters and when I saw all the knits I was confused about the premise of the movie. The reviews described Zack and Miri as slackers but when I looked at the sets I got the impression that Miri was very industrious. I noticed the mention of Miri getting teen clothes because of the good yarn deal but during one scene when they walk into their apartment there’s a big bag of yarn setting on the sofa and Miri sits in front of it. I got the impression Miri was a “nester.” I love watching people knit, it’s so relaxing.

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