Gingerbread almost Christmas

This past Sunday I went to a Christmas festival and sat at a table for Rosie’s Place.  They had a gingerbread house fundraiser/ competition.  They gingerbread houses were awesome!  I took a couple pictures of the best ones.

Gingerbread Train

A Christmas Story Gingerbread

Ginverbread covered train

Gingerbread fenway

Cool, no?  The detail work on these was just amazing.  It seems like such a cool thing to do!  Maybe I’ll make some gingerbread houses as gifts this year.  And I’ll get to eat the leftover gingerbread!

Q face and shawl

This was my day yesterday.  A bad sore throat kept me home from work, and it was a day full of kitty cuddling and shawl knitting.  Adorable, no?


3 thoughts on “Gingerbread almost Christmas

  1. I hope you’re feeling better? Sore throats are awful, swallowing is so painful………………………… The ginger bread houses are amazing! This is a real education for me………… being British!

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